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Dragon Cat Cafe


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Best menu items

  • Bubble tea wheelcake
  • Dragon Cat Cheesecake bubble tea

Where to pray Salah

  • Charing Cross hospital prayer room

Dragon Cat Cafe is a new cafe in Hammersmith which serves unique bubble teas and the best wheelcakes. The cafe is cute and has a few seats. Every Wednesday they release a limited edition wheelcake flavour (they have had lotus biscuit & pizza flavours before!) so keep an eye on their instagram here to see whats coming up.

What did we order?

I like the fact that Dragon Cat sells unique and experimental bubble teas. First we tried the watermelon milk & pineapple teas. Watermelon milk sounds very strange but it was flavourful and delicious. The pineapple tea was a perfect refreshing drink too! They are all made with natural flavours so the drinks taste really high quality.

Watermelon milk (l) & Pineapple (r)

Next we tried apple milk and the dragon cat cheesecake. The apple milk was a subtle apple & creamy flavoured drink, and we got tapioca with this one which worked well. We also tried the dragon cat cheesecake which was topped with a layer of thick flavoured cream. Mixing the cream with the black tea was divine.

Apple milk (l) & Bubble tea cheesecake (r)

We enjoyed the bubble teas, but the wheelcakes were the winners for me, especially this bubble tea flavoured wheelcake! Its filled with delicious bubble tea flavour custard, and tapioca pearls. This was a dream come true!

Bubble Tea Wheelcake

Next we tried the signature matcha and red bean flavoured wheelcake. Matcha is a strong green tea type flavour, and red bean are sweet beans commonly used in pan-asian desserts. Matcha is a flavour that is always a little too strong for me so thats why I got matcha & red bean instead of just matcha. The strength of the matcha is cut by the sweet red beans so its not too overpowering- if you’re a green tea lover then this one is perfect for you.

We also tried a savoury wheelcake: the mash and cheese which was delicious. Mash & cheese in a wheelcake…I mean what could go wrong? 


Dragon Cat Cafe is a cute & independent newcomer on the bubble tea and wheel-cake scene. To my knowledge, this is the only cafe of its kind in London at the moment! I love how they experiment with the flavours of their teas & wheel-cakes. If you are a fan of either teas or wheel-cakes, or just looking to try something new then I would recommend Dragon Cat Cafe!

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