Bubble Tea London

T4Both WestfieldsLychee black tea, no ice, extra sweet, with tapioca✪✪✪✪✪
CocoTeaSoho & British MuseumBubble Gaga, extra sweet, no ice✪✪✪✪
MooBooCamdenPeach & Lychee, extra sweet, no icea✪✪✪✪
ChatimeBrunswick, Soho, ChinatownChatime Milk Tea✪✪✪
NosteagiaShoreditchMango green tea✪✪✪
Happy LemonChinatownMilk tea with tapioca✪✪
BijuSoho & WestfieldAny fruit tea with earl grey base✪✪
ChabobaCamden & WembleyAny of the crush drinks✪✪
CuppachaChinatownLychee fruit tea✪✪
BubbleologyMultiple LocationsMango, Peach, Lychee mix with no ice, extra sweet and tapioca

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