Get Refreshed

I love a good drink when it’s hot, so here are some of my favourite places to get an amazing, refreshing drink in this heatwave!

1. T4  [Both Westfields]

If you watch my stories, you know first hand how much I go here. T4 is my favourite place to get drinks. I love bubble tea, and theirs is the best I’ve tried in London! I get the Lychee black tea cold with extra sugar and no ice.

Tip: Ask for no/ less ice in your drink so it doesn’t get watered down.

2. Bruce Burgers [Tottenham]

I really loved the drinks at Bruce Burgers. They were made with frozen strawberries which were then blitzed along with some other goodies (It’s a secret so i’m not too sure) which made the most refreshing drink ever!

3. Tempus Gourmet Garden [Bethnal Green]

Tempus has been closed for a while, but has now reopened and are serving a similar menu. We loved the mocktails from Tempus, especially the strawberry one (centre). I hate a watery and bitter mocktail, but these were flavourful and sweet. I have yet to go back to Tempus since they reopened, but as the management is the same I have faith that their drinks will be just as amazing!

4. Penang! [Westfield Shepherds Bush]

This Malaysian restaurant in Westfield shepherds bush has an extensive drinks menu which includes bubble tea, juices and traditional malaysian drinks. I got this pink drink called Bandung which was made with condensed milk flavoured with rose cordial syrup. So lovely and refreshing & perfect for those of you who love a little bit of rose (Rooh Afzah style).

5. Tabun Kitchen [Soho]

Tabun Kitchen serves traditional Palestinian food (Make sure you get the pizza!) and also great drinks. These drinks were more refreshing than sweet- I loved this mint mojito that they blend fresh for you at the bar! N.B. Alcohol served on premises.

6. Band of Burgers [Camden & Brick Lane]

BOB has an extensive drinks menu, including these ‘strawberry fields forever’ drinks.


7. Gourmet Republik [Walthamstow]

Of course I love me some lotus milkshakes! There are a few more places that do these now (My collab with BRGR UK included, as well as Tempus Gourmet Garden) but the first place i had them in London was at Gourmet Republik, and they were amazing! Decadent, rich, cold and lotus flavoured. What more could you want?

8.  The Great Chase [Angel]

Although I only tried one drink from The Great Chase, I know they put a lot of effort into their non-alcoholic drinks menu. They serve handmade cordials as well as rare teas. If you want a whole drinks experience, I think you would be in great hands at this restaurant.

9. HS & Co [Stratford]

I love the bar at HS&Co as its 100% muslim friendly. They not only have your classic mocktails and milkshakes, but they also serve traditionally alcoholic drinks, but with no alcohol, like 0% beers!

10. Tarshish [Wood Green]

Tarshish also serve alcoholic drinks, but they have great mixologists who make amazing virgin drinks to your liking. When I went I was able to customise my drink, which I really loved. I got this sweet strawberry drink and it was yum.

11. The Banc [Wood Green]

The Banc & Tarshish have the same owners so expect the same large selection of drinks with great mixologists. N.B. alcohol served here too.

12. Syon Lounge [Brentford]

Syon Lounge is a shisha place, which serve great mocktails. Pictured are the Strawberry and Lychee mojitos. I love Lychee, but I can never can’t find many places that serve it!

Tip: Ask for these with less ice also (they get watery pretty quickly)

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