Uncle G’s Gourmet Fried Chicken Co.

Uncle G’s Gourmet Fried Chicken Co is a fully Halal food truck serving the best Gourmet, Gluten free, MSG free and unprocessed fried chicken in London! Their location varies from within London to just outside. We visited them while they were stationed near Paddington station.

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What did we eat?

We got a box full of their boneless chicken, buffalo wings and breaded fried mushrooms, all served on a bed of fish&chip shop style chips, perfect with salt&vinegar.

Everything we got in a box

The boneless fried chicken itself was amazing. Not only was the chicken amazing quality but the coating was flavourful and crunchy- definitely not the plain coating you get in some places as there was so much flavour coming through! I loved the fact that Uncle G himself has a personal hand in making every single piece of fried chicken, ensuring the best quality. My favourite food in the world is probably fried chicken, and Uncle G’s was really mouthwatering!

Close up of the boneless fried chicken

I am a huge mushroom fan, so I had to try sone of Uncle G’s breaded and fried mushrooms. They were large mushrooms fried in the same original coating used for the chicken. Definitely the best fried mushrooms I’ve had to date, and I have been craving them again ever since.

Close up of the breaded, fried mushroom

I don’t usually go for wings but I had to try some of Uncle G’s, especially as they were coated in his homemade buffalo sauce. Although I preferred the plain chicken which was crunchier, I loved the flavour of these wings, and was very impressed with the buffalo sauce.

Buffalo wings, dipped in homemade buffalo sauce

Overall, I would definitely make a visit to Uncle G’s food truck when he is in London again. Not only did I love his food, but after talking with Uncle G himself I was impressed with his vision for the brand, and his passion for providing halal fried chicken that is excellent quality also. I think he has hit the nail on the head with his flavours and values. I can’t wait to go back and try his new menu addition of fried Halloumi fries, as well as his fried chicken in a brioche bun with chimichurri salad!

N.B. You can hire Uncle G’s truck for private events, so make sure to keep him in mind for any upcoming events!

Aerial shot of all the food

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