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Tom Hixson Halal Turkey

Halal Food London x Tom Hixson 

Tom Hixson are a fine meat procurer established in 1963 at Smithfield Market. They specialised in sourcing exceptional produce, and have recently expanded into the Halal market! This year, I will be cooking with their Halal Turkey Butterfly. This Turkey is exceptionally great as it it an easy-carve boneless butterfly breast with skin AKA no deboning the Turkey or having to remove the innards etc- Perfect for people like me who want the least amount of work possible! Something else I would like to point out is that the Turkey is Free Range and with High Welfare standards.

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Honest Burgers

I love finding out which of the best non-halal joints actually do serve halal food. When I found out honest burgers have 2 halal sites (their Tooting & Baker Street branches) I was so eager to try it, especially as I know how popular this joint is to non-Muslims. These halal branches of honest burgers serve halal chicken only (no halal beef), and it’s all handled & cooked separately. All their sides are also gluten free and any of their burgers can be made to be gluten free too!

Keep up to date with them through their website and instagram.

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Dragon Cat Cafe

Dragon Cat Cafe is a new cafe in Hammersmith which serves unique bubble teas and the best wheelcakes. The cafe is cute and has a few seats. Every Wednesday they release a limited edition wheelcake flavour (they have had lotus biscuit & pizza flavours before!) so keep an eye on their instagram here to see whats coming up.

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Mazaya is a Lebanese restaurant in the heart of Knightsbridge. Situated on the first floor, this restaurant has amazing views of the streets below! Their menu is simple, and their food was delicious. Having been put off Lebanese food because of a few bad places, this restaurant changed my mind again!

Check out their instagram for any offers and to drool over their pics!

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Tom Hixson of Smithfield

Since it’s the festive season we thought we would get extra festive and order a turkey from Tom Hixson of Smithfield . They have been supplying meat for decades and are a trustworthy source of high quality meats. They actually sell a wide range of halal meats, and their high quality can be proven by the fact that they supply to manyyy high end restaurants in London!

Personally I don’t think it’s enough anymore for meat to just be ‘halal’, we should try and look at how the animal was raised too. The halal meats from Tom Hixson are free-range and grain-fed; I was more than happy to order a turkey from them after hearing this!

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Fridge Caffé

Fridge Caffé is a new dessert parlour with the coolest interior design, located in Acton. They serve high quality desserts and award winning gelato. Of course, everything is also halal friendly, and they also have some gluten free and vegan options! This place and Kahve Dunyasi are my two my favourite dessert parlours to date…you need to go here if you have a sweet tooth!

Follow them here on their instagram to keep up to date with any news and offers!

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Ceru in South Kensington offers a menu inspired by cuisines from the Levant region (Turkey, Cyprus, Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Jordan). Their menu caters for a wide range of tastes, and their all day menu is entirely gluten free (excluding the pita bread)!

Make sure to check out their website as well as follow them on facebook and instagram too!

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