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If you’re like us and get hungry at all times of the day, then you can relate to the frustration when you want to eat a yummy late night snack and everything is closed! In this post we’ve listed some places where you can get late night halal food in London, as well as our thoughts on the food.

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1. Chelsea Burger London // SOUTHLDN: Chelsea Bridge // Open Till 6AM

Info: This spot is number one on my hit list for late night food. This fully Halal Stall on Chelsea Bridge serves hot dogs, beef burgers, chicken burgers and the best cheesy chips, as well as having a substantial selection of sauces for your hot food. No seating available, but you get a wonderful view of London from the bridge.

Cost: Under £10 per person for a full meal including main, chips and drink!

My favourite: I love the cheesy hot dog with onions and a side of cheesy chips.

Tips: They have a secret menu item…called the ‘Sultani’! Its a large bed of hot cheesy chips with a fried chicken fillet cut up and put on top, and then drizzled with sauces of your choice. Also this venue is cash only.

2. Cafe Helen // CENTRALLDN: Edgware road // Open till around 6am

Info: Cafe Helen is a Shuwarma joint on Edgeware road serving delicious Shuwarmas through the night. They have limited seating, but I would really count this as more of a takeaway.

Cost: ~£8.00 for a large Shuwarma, or less for small

My favourite: I love getting a mixed shuwarma with additional Halloumi cheese inside!

Tips: This venue is cash only.

3. Tinseltown // EASTLDN: Farringdon // Farringdon branch open till 4AM

Info: Tinseltown is a staple favourite among halal eaters in London. They have a few branches but only their Farringdon branch is open till late in the night, closing at 4am daily and 3am on Sundays. This restaurant is good for both halal meals and desserts, and they do amazing milkshakes of a variety of chocolate bars.

Cost: ~£10.00 per person

My favourite: ‘Chilli Machos Fries’- Cheesey fries topped with beef chilli, sour cream and jalapenos.

Tips: They sometimes have offers on so make sure to check out their website and Instagram to see if any apply the day of your visit. They also deliver.

4. Duck and Waffle // EASTLDN: Liverpool Street // Open 24Hrs

Info: I wouldn’t say that Duck & Waffle is a place I go to for exceptional food, but it does provide a cool atmosphere with even better views, so if you’re looking for a late night treat this is the one.

Cost: ~£15.00 per person

My favourite: The ‘Duck Egg En Cocotte’- wild mushrooms, eggs, Gruyère cheese, truffle, and bread soldiers

Tips: I have included this even though the meat is not halal as there are nice vegetarian options as well as desserts, and also the venue is very cool. Alcohol is served on the premises. Also, bring ID with you, and try to book on weekends!

5.  Wok to Walk // CENTRALLDN: Oxford Circus, Leicester Square // Open till around 5am

Info: Wok to walk is a chain of restaurants serving you wok fried rice and noodle dishes that are completely customisable with your choice of toppings, meats and sauces. They have a take-away vibe but their branches do offer limited seating.

Cost: ~£8.00 depending on what toppings you get

My favourite: I love egg noodles with Hong Kong sweet & sour sauce

Tips: They also serve non-halal meat, so make sure you confirm whats halal when you go.

6. Beigel Bake // EASTLDN: Brick Lane // Open 24Hrs

Info: This beigel shop has been serving yummy jewish style beigels since 1977. Their beigels are amazingly soft and yummy! You can either get some to take home (at 25p each for a plain beigel!) and load up with fillings of your choice, or you can try some of their fillings and eat them fresh.

Cost: Less than £2.00. You can easily get a few beigels and sweet pastries for a fiver.

My favourite: Salami and cream cheese filled beigel.

Tips: Unfortunately, their salt beef isn’t Kosher (WHY?!), but their Salami and chicken was the last time I checked.

7. Bagel and Shake // WESTLDN: Ealing, Wembley // Ealing branch open 24hrs, Wembley till 5am

Info: Bagel and shake is bagel place in West London serving warm bagels with a choice of fillings. Their prices are amazing and their food halal.

Cost: ~£5.00

My favourite: ‘Salt Beef Melt’: Toasted bagel stuffed with halal salt beef, swiss cheese, gherkins and mustard.

Tips: They delivery for free to some areas with a minimum order of £12.00. You can also request a healthier whole grain bagel.

8. Shalamar // SOUTHLDN: Clapham Common // Open till 5am Friday & Saturday

Info: Shalamar is one of the original halal fried chicken joints in London. Founded in 1972, they are known for serving the best original fried chicken, pizzas and burgers to the local community at amazing prices.

Cost: ~£5.00

My favourite: Classic chicken side breast with a side of salty chips, or a chicken fillet burger with vanilla milkshake.

Tips: Get their special menu item called ‘Jacs’. Potato wedges covered in their special batter and deep fried.



 VQ has been removed from the list after they informed me they are not halal/ do not have cross-contamination procedures. They do not seem to be weary of/ interested in catering to Muslims/ the halal market at all. Avoid!

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