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  • Korean Steak
  • Char Kway Teow Chicken
  • Chocolate Sphere

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Chi Kitchen is a fancy pan-asian restaurant on the ground floor of Debenhams, Oxford Street. If you guys know me, you know that my preference is not for pan- asian food; however I loved the food here and I will definitely be coming back!

Make sure to check out their website and instagram.

What did we order?

From the Dim Sum menu we ordered the Wagyu Beef Siu Mai [£12.95]. 3 pieces of Dim Sum come in this order, so I do think the price is a little high. However these little parcels filled with Wagyu beef were tasty little bites to whet your appetite.

From the small plates we ordered the Roasted Wagyu Beef Puffs [£8.50]: Honey glazed roasted Wagyu beef puffs with sesame seeds. Although these were small, they were yummy and a tasty starter. I preferred these over the Wagyu Beef Siu Mai.

From the noodles we got the Char Kway Teow Chicken [£12.95] which are flat noodles stir-fried with bean sprouts, Chinese chives,  eggs and with added chicken. This dish on its own can fill you up and be your whole meal here. I put some soy sauce on top of my noodles and it was amazing.

From the Robata BBQ we ordered Korean Steak [£25]: a Beef steak with Korean Bulgogi sauce on top & served with chive mash. This was hands down the best dish on the menu! The chive mash was smooth and creamy, and was an excellent accompaniment to the tender steak. The Bulgogi sauce added a nice rich flavour, and we loved the addition of the shitake mushrooms on top. Although this is on the pricey side, the dish is worth it. This would also be a nice sharing dish between two people!

We ordered Kung Po Beef [£11.95] from the stir fry, which was beef stir fried with cashew nuts, vegetables, and chili peppers. I loved the flavours of this stir fry, but compared to the tender Korean beef above, the actual beef in this dish wasn’t my preference. If I got this stir fry again I would get it with chicken!

Another stir fry we ordered was the sweet & Sour Chicken [£10.95] which was delicious! It looks like a small portion, but as the flavour is so rich we couldn’t even finish it. Definitely another dish which would be perfect to share with some rice or noodles!

The Hainese chicken rice [£13.95] was my least favourite dish we ordered. It’s a very plain chicken dish served with plain rice. I think this was a ‘healthy’ option, or great for those people looking specifically for this signature dish. I however would not order this again or recommend it.


For drinks we tried a selection of their summer Mocktails: we got the Rouge Berries (the red one), Ginger Kiss (the white one) & My Passion (the yellow one) [£5.85 each]. The rouge berries is actually served hot as its made with a berry tea. My favourite out of these was My Passion!

Now for their amazing desserts! We will start with the best which was the Chocolate sphere [£7.50]. This amaaazing dessert comes as a chocolate sphere surrounded by white and milk chocolate buttons. A pot of hot caramel sauce is then poured on top of the sphere to reveal cold ice cream and berries inside! This dessert is so delicious, and I especially loved the hot caramel that goes on top. Again, this was very rich so can be shared between 2!

Next we tried the caramel cheesecake [£5.95] which was great but honestly once you’ve had the chocolate sphere this one seems a little basic in comparison!

To be adventurous we tried Cendol [£5.00] which is a famous dessert from South-East Asia that combines coconut milk, pandan (the green spaghetti things), palm sugar, sweet red bean and crushed ice. If you’ve ever had pandan before then you will probably like this desserts! It’s very unusual (there’s lots of ice in it) but it is yummy. I would best describe it as their version of a falooda- it’s basically cold, sweet pandan noodles with sweet beans on top, all soaked in some  sweet coconut milk.


Chi Kitchen has won my heart and is currently my favourite pan-asian place. I have to also mention their decor and amazing service; I definitely feel like this would be a great place for a small birthday get together or celebration.

Although their prices may be on the higher side, I do think this is justified by the quality of the ingredients & the taste of the dishes. Let me know what you guys think of it if you go!

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