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  • Fior di latte gelato
  • Liege waffles

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  • Acton Mosque

Fridge Caffé is a new dessert parlour with the coolest interior design, located in Acton. They serve high quality desserts and award winning gelato. Of course, everything is also halal friendly, and they also have some gluten free and vegan options! This place and Kahve Dunyasi are my two my favourite dessert parlours to date…you need to go here if you have a sweet tooth!

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What did we order?

We ended up trying most of their gelatos, and we can definitely see why they are award winning. They use high quality ingredients to get that yummy gelato taste. Our favourites were the Fior Di Latte (sweetened cream gelato) and of course their salted caramel! They also have seasonal fruit gelatos, so they always have a great variety, as well as unique flavours not found elsewhere.

Liege waffle with chocolate sauce, strawberry and fior di latte ice cream

We first ordered this ‘Leige’ waffle [waffle prices range from £3.00-£6.00 depending on toppings] topped with chocolate sauce, strawberries and a large scoop of scrumptious Fior Di Latte (sweetened cream) gelato. These waffles were better than any standard dessert chain waffle we have tried before, as they used an authentic technique, that includes using sugar pieces in the waffle dough, which then caramelise while the waffle is cooking…YUM!

Close up of the chocolate drizzled waffle

We then got some freshly made crepes [crepe prices range from £3.00-£6.00 depending on toppings] drizzled with caramel sauce, and served with salted caramel gelato. The crepes were made in front of us, with their own batter. We love how they rolled up the crepes and filled them with caramel sauce as well as drizzling them with sauce on top! This was definitely a sweet lovers heaven.

Crepes with salted caramel gelato.

We also really love their presentation; they really pay a lot of attention to detail. It feels like a very upmarket dessert parlour!

Their presentation is exceptional!

Lastly we tried their sticky toffee pudding {£4.80], which was rich, decadent and moist. Dry sticky toffee puddings are a nightmare, so I was glad this one was drowning in toffee sauce. The cold gelato and hot pudding worked so well together. I couldn’t actually finish it due to the sweetness, but I am sure this would be perfect for those with more of a sweet tooth!

Sticky Toffee pudding

Side shot to show how much sauce is in the pudding. It looks small but there was a lot of pudding!

You can see all the toffee sauce here!

We also got some classic vanilla gelato, and brownie bites on the side.

Gelato and brownie bites.


Fridge Caffé has made a great entry into the London Dessert parlour scene. I think their only downfall may be their location- they would be perfect for central London!

The high quality ingredients can be noticed in the exceptional taste of all the desserts and the gelatos especially. From what they told us, they are going to be updating the menu and adding cool new dishes soon, which i’m sure will also be amazing. Give this place a try!


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