Honest Burgers

Honest Burgers


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Best menu items

  • Chilli burger (with halal chicken)
  • BBQ wings
  • Chipotle Mayo

Where to pray Salah

  • Tooting: Gatton mosque/ Tooting islamic centre
  • Bakert St: Regents Park Mosque

I love finding out which of the best non-halal joints actually do serve halal food. When I found out honest burgers have 2 halal sites (their Tooting & Baker Street branches) I was so eager to try it, especially as I know how popular this joint is to non-Muslims. These halal branches of honest burgers serve halal chicken only (no halal beef), and it’s all handled & cooked separately. All their sides are also gluten free and any of their burgers can be made to be gluten free too!

Keep up to date with them through their website and instagram.

What did we order?

For our main burgers we ordered the classic Chicken burger [£10.50 with chips] which was free range chicken breast, lettuce, tomato and mustard mayonnaise in a classic bun. Their chicken itself doesn’t have a strong flavour and is more on the plain side, but it was a nice combo with their sauces. The actual crispy coating itself was fine as opposed to a chunky crispy coating.

the classic chicken burger

Our favourite burger was actually the chilli burger [11.50 with chips] – this is usually a beef burger but we ordered the halal chicken with it instead. The chicken comes topped with chilli cheese, jalapeño relish, lettuce, red onion and hot sauce. The flavours of this burger were divine- the jalapeño relish was amazing. We loved this burger as it had a lot more flavour than the more plain classic chicken burger.

the amazing chilli burger

For sides we ordered some classic BBQ chicken wings [£5] & onion rings [£4]. The BBQ wings were nice because the BBQ flavour wasn’t strong, it was more of a spicy flavour. The onion rings were fat, crispy and fresh so we would recommend both these sides!

The BBQ wings and onion rings

We also tried most of the sauces [£1 each]- the curry sauce, chipotle mayo & honest hot sauce. I don’t think I will ever like curry sauce from anywhere (it doesn’t even taste like curry!!!) so I wouldn’t recommend getting that. The chipotle mayo and hot sauce however were both delicious; the chipotle mayo was our fave and it was the best sauce to go with the rosemary chips. The rosemary chips are those kind of chips that you just can’t stop eating; perfectly crispy and the perfect flavour!

Some rosemary chips & chipotle mayo

For drinks we tried their homemade ice teas [£3] (very yummy but mild flavours) and their karma cola [£2.50] which is a natural, sugar free, fair-trade cola, which I always prefer to normal coke (it’s not exclusive to honest burgers, it’s sold in a lot of places)


We had a really good time at Honest Burgers and I would highly recommend everyone give it a go. The combo of flavours in their chilli burger is something that we would go back for. We love that the are trying to cater to the halal market through their two halal branches & we were happy to note that they understand that halal items need to be handled separately. Maybe we will see them creating a halal beef burger in the future!

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