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Best menu items

  • Mazaya Batata Hara
  • Jawaneh Meshwi (wings)
  • Hummus Bil Lahme

Where to pray Salah

  • Honestly I haven't found a prayer space in Knightsbridge, but Mazaya were kind enough to let us pray there!

Mazaya is a Lebanese restaurant in the heart of Knightsbridge. Situated on the first floor, this restaurant has amazing views of the streets below! Their menu is simple, and their food was delicious. Having been put off Lebanese food because of a few bad places, this restaurant changed my mind again!

Check out their instagram for any offers and to drool over their pics!

What did we order?

From the Cold Mezze we ordered Baba Ghanouj [£6.50], which is a grilled eggplant dish, as well as the classic Labneh [£5.00], which is a strained garlic yoghurt dish. We also tried their spicy salad, which was a spicy take on the traditional Fattoush dish.

The Baba Ghanouj & Labneh were amazing, and they also come with warm, fluffy fresh bread. The salad refreshing and definitely a little spicy! I actually really love Lebanese Mezze (little dishes that can be shared) and I am happy to get full on Mezze along with their fluffy Lebanese bread.

Bread basket along with the Fattoush salad, Baba Ghanouj, Labneh

From the Hot Mezze we got a selection of items. First was the Hummus bil lahme [£6.95], which was hummus topped with diced lamb meat.

Hummus Bil Lahme

Next we tried the AMAZING Mazaya Batata Hara [£6.50] which was the best Batata Hara i’ve had! Batata Hara are deep fried potato cubes sauteed with garlic, coriander, pepper and chilli, and the Mazaya versio was topped with sojouk (spicy sausages). I could have eaten two bowls of these amazing potatoes!

The yummy Batata Hara

We saw some grilled Halloumi on the menu [£6.50] so we couldnt not order it! It was definitely yummy, but you cant really go wrong with a simple grilled halloumi anyway. Maybe a little pricey for what it was.

Looks burnt but these halloumi pieces tasted great

Next was one of the other winning dishes; we got the Jawaneh Meshwi [£5.59] AKA the yummiest, most moist & juicy charcoal grilled chicken wings. I’m not a huge wings person, but I couldn’t stop eating these. They had a simple flavour, but were delicious.

Some of the simplest but best wings i’ve had!

The Arayes [£5.95] is a lebanese bread filled with minced lamb, onion and parsley, all grilled over charcoal. This is similar to Turkish Gozleme, or Pakistani paratha stuffed with Keema mince. Another very tasty mezze which I would recommend- you can use this meaty bread and dip it in the hummus/ other sides!

Reminded me of something my mum makes!

Kibbeh Maklieh [£6.95] are deep fried lamb balls surrounded by cracked wheat. These are a staple dish in Lebanese restaurants. I love mine dipped in garlic sauce!

Fried lamb balls YUM

Moussaka [£6.50] is fried aubergine baked with tomato, onion, chickpeas & sweet peppers. This was an amazing veggie option!

Good veggie option

From the mains we ordered the mixed grill [£14.95] which came with charcoal-grilled skewers of lamb cubes, chicken cubes and lamb kofta. The chicken and lamb cubes were lovely- I definitely preferred the chicken. I would order just the grilled chicken next time and not the other meats.

The mixed grill

For dessert Knefeh [£5.50] cream cheese topped with semolina and topped with syrup. This is ‘Knefeh Naameh’ AKA the Knefeh with a smooth top. I loveee Knefeh, but only when its done right, and this was the best Knefeh Naameh I’ve tried! I still have more of a prefernece for ‘Knefeh Khishneh’ AKA the rough one with crispy vermicelli on top, but this one was amazing too!

Kunefeee my fave

Mouhallabieh [£4.50] is a milk pudding dessert with a rose flavour, but the rose flavour is too overpowering for me! If you like rose then you will love this dessert.

This one is an acquired taste!


Mazaya is a great Lebanese restaurant with top vibes & in a great location. It would be perfect for a fancy birthday or date night too. Their food is great, and I personally feel like I would come back here and just order a lot of Mezze to share; the mezze were all amazing!

Let me know what you guys think of it if you go.

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