Sticky Wings

Sticky wings


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Best menu items

  • Boneless meal (UK size)
  • Ranch dip

Where to pray Salah

  • East London Mosque

Sticky wings is a small, American style wings joint in East London. They have a small, fully halal menu. If you’re a buffalo chicken fan this is defo a great place to check out.

Check out their website, and their Instagram page too.

What did we order?

I’ve been here a few times, and have tried the wings, boneless chicken, and chicken burger. As this is a chicken joint I avoided trying their beef burger. You can get your chicken in 4 flavours: American buffalo, sticky wings BBQ, jerk twist and hot chilli.

Boneless chicken

The boneless chicken and chips meal is definitely the best thing here. We got the American buffalo flavour with a ranch dip. This is just such a tasty meal in itself- the tangy flavour of the buffalo chicken with the ranch dip goes so well! The chips are good too; a bit standard but a nice vehicle to get the chicken in your mouth nonetheless.

Hot chilli boneless chicken

We also tried the hot chilli, just because we thought we would get bored of a full buffalo flavoured meal (especially when there was extra buffalo sauce on the table) and we were pleasantly surprised with the flavour. I loved the half/half meal, and I would definitely recommend getting your chicken in two flavours!

Wings meal

You are definitely going to like sticky wings if you’re a wings fan. I don’t even like wings, but I liked these! Decent sized wings, with a lot of yummy buffalo sauce on them- these will be right up your street.

Chicken burger

I wouldn’t order the chicken burger again. The bun/ salad wasn’t worth eating, and I much preferred just the chicken and chips meal.


This would defo be one of my fave places for a simple yet tasty comfort meal. The flavours are definitely something I would crave again! However their service did let them down. I believe when you’re paying for a meal in a restaurant, you’re paying for the whole experience- and I think many of you would agree.

If you do end up going, I hope you get better service than I did, as the food is actually enjoyable!

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