HFL Travels: Sheikh & Shake, Dubai

The outside of the Jumeirah Lake Towers branch

We had the pleasure of sampling some of the best items from the menu of Sheikh & Shake, one of very few UAE original, homegrown burger joints, currently with 2 branches in Dubai (Jumeirah Lake Towers and Business Bay).


We loved their price, the original flavours of their meat and sauces, their service and the fact they offer free delivery in the area. The owner was kind enough to sit with us and tell us more about his business, and we were thoroughly impressed at how he entered the market with this original burger chain- in Dubai international chains i.e. Cheesecake Factory, Hardee’s etc are quite popular, and finding a homegrown original recipe burger is rare. The owner personally worked on all of the recipes ensuring great taste throughout. Be sure to check out their Instagram page here!

Box that your meal comes in when delivered


Cross section of the Spicy Sheikh Burger

What did we eat?

We sampled the ‘Spicy Sheikh Meal’ [36dhs including chips and drink]: a beef burger topped with cheddar cheese, jalapenos, beef bacon, salad and original spicy sheikh sauce.

You can tell this was an original burger as it had a unique flavour and was made with great quality meat. It is well seasoned, with a slight spicy flavour, and not at all plain. We talked to the owner, who informed us he personally worked on the recipe for everything from the patties to the sauces. This is really what makes this place unique. We also loved the fact that burgers were served in potato buns, which I prefer over normal sesame buns, and even over brioche buns which are everywhere these days! The cheese they used in the burgers is one I am already a fan of- the square orangey cheese, so this was also really satisfying. I feel like its the perfect cheese to eat when you want a cheese fix! All in all a great burger and I would definitely come back for it.


Spicy Sheikh Meal


3 Sliders meal packaged up

We also had the ‘Sliders Meal:’ This consisted of 3 sliders- classic, mushroom and smokey [40dhs including chips and drink].

Each slider was served in their yummy potato buns, and with the cheese slices that I love. The good thing about this meal is being able to sample 3 different flavours, if you’re the kind of person that gets bored with one big burger. However, at times I thought there could have been more variation in taste between the smokey and classic slider. The mushroom slider on the other hand was amazing; I have a soft spot for mushrooms and love them in meals. Overall I would recommend the sliders meal for someone looking for a bit of variation. And if you’re worried about the size don’t be- 3 sliders was extremely filling!

3 Sliders meal


Their skinny fries were skinny, crunchy and perfectly cooked with a sprinkling of original spicy powder on them. This powder really made the skinny fries stand out, and these fries dipped in the sheikh&shake original sauce was a winner. I also sampled an Oreo milkshake which was a perfect addition in the Dubai heat.

Final Comments

Sheikh & Shake is definitely worth a visit if you are in Dubai. I think this chain will only be growing bigger from here on out, and it is well deserved. As an original burger chain the odds were against them, but they are very popular now and thats all down to their amazing food! I would recommend the Spicy Sheikh meal with their spicy fries, milkshake and most importantly their signature sauce. Remember they also offer free delivery in the area so if you are staying round there be sure to order some!

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