Tempus Gourmet Garden

Tempus Gourmet Garden in Bethnal Green has recently reopened after a year of renovation. Since their reopening they have put a focus on serving great food, and overall this has really come across. We were initially skeptical abut how the food would be as this establishment previously had a reputation for being a shisha place, but we would definitely come back as the food, service and atmosphere were all on point!

Follow them here on instagram and facebook to keep updated of any offers they have. Also, special shout out to their delicious homemade signature red chilli sauce, which they have in bottles on every table- so yummy it had to get a mention.

What did we order?

We got a T-bone Steak for starters, served with a side of creamy mushroom sauce (£18.95 Including rice & salad). This steak was cooked perfectly to my taste (I chose medium) and was not overpowered with other flavours aside from a light seasoning so you could really taste the meat, which is what I prefer in steaks! The mushroom sauce was amazing on the side and a perfect compliment to the steak. Although I was expecting to just try a bite or two we ended up devouring the whole steak.  The salad was simple but with a lovely tangy dressing.

T-Bone steak

Epic T-bone cross section shot:

Cross section of the T-bone steak

We also tried the Juicy Lucy burger (£10.95). This consisted of a extra large beef patty stuffed with melty cheese, and topped with gherkin, sauces and salad, all served in one of the famous Rinkoff bakery’s Brioche Buns. This burger was amazing and so cheesey; perfect if you’re looking for that cheese fix, which I always am. I could tell every ingredient was high quality, from buns to the meat. Their patties are made in house from 100% HMC British beef from Yorkshire. I really loved this burger, and especially dipped in their signature homemade red chilli sauce.

Juicy Lucy Burger

I also have to include this epic shot I took of a cross-section of the Juicy Lucy burger, with all the cheese oozing out!

Cross-section of the Juicy Lucy

The Peri-Peri fries (£3.50) were topped with red repper, peri-peri sauce, jalapeños, hot naga relish and shredded cheese. My only critique was that I felt the chips were slightly dry, probably due to them being on the thicker side. I loved the toppings though, and I did end up finishing the fries as I had their signature chilli sauce on the side to dip them into!

Peri-Peri Fries

The Smokey Bandit burger (£11.95) was a large beef patty topped with BBQ sauce, gherkins, jalapeños, fried onion and salad. If you are a BBQ fan this burger is the one for you. The BBQ sauce and smokey taste was amazing, and the patty was cooked perfectly and moist throughout. I was really impressed by both burgers, and we managed to finish them both even though we had just eaten their steak- a testament to the yumminess.

Smokey Bandit Burger

I surprisingly preferred these BBQ fries (£3.50) over the peri-peri ones. These were topped with caramelised onions, shredded cheese and smoky BBQ sauce. I think maybe as these were slightly saucier, it felt like it had more flavour. I would get these fries again!

BBQ Fries

We also sipped on some Strawberry and Blueberry mocktails (£3.95 each) to accompany our meal. We preferred the strawberry but both were refreshing and sweet. I am always disappointed when I order virgin mocktails and they are either watery or way too sour, but these had a perfect balance of tart and sweet as well as being flavourful and I would order them again.

Two strawberry mocktails, and blueberry at the back!

Besides the fact that the milkshakes were served in the coolest mason jars, these Oreo milkshakes were perfectly thick and tasty. Oreo milkshakes seem to be everywhere and I’ve definitely tried a lot, and these were some of the best I’ve had. I loved the crushed Oreos they put on top as well as the overall presentation.

Oreo Milkshakes

Whilst we were eating, their amazing chef baked this amazingly fluffy cream cake, and although we were stuffed we tried it and loved it. Similar to cakebox cakes, with a delicate fluffiness and sweet cream, we loved this cake. Although they do not currently serve desserts, when they start soon I can predict they will be worth a try judging from this cake alone!

Cream cake

Overall, we would recommend Tempus Gourmet Garden if you are looking for a restaurant with a good atmosphere, excellent food and lovely service. The food was excellent quality, the flavours are on point and the prices are decent! They have taken care of all aspects of the meal, from lettuce to meat. If you haven’t tried out their food since they have reopened make sure you give it a go. We will be updating you guys on our instagram when they start serving desserts; we have high hopes they will be as yummy as the food!

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  1. Nice post. Really needed a place for mocktails, haven’t found one I’ve liked yet. Hopefully this one will do it. Thanks 🙂

    1. Thanks for the feedback! Yeah we are really picky with mocktails too, let us know what you think of these when you try them 🤓

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