Tom Hixson of Smithfield

Since it’s the festive season we thought we would get extra festive and order a turkey from Tom Hixson of Smithfield . They have been supplying meat for decades and are a trustworthy source of high quality meats. They actually sell a wide range of halal meats, and their high quality can be proven by the fact that they supply to manyyy high end restaurants in London!

Personally I don’t think it’s enough anymore for meat to just be ‘halal’, we should try and look at how the animal was raised too. The halal meats from Tom Hixson are free-range and grain-fed; I was more than happy to order a turkey from them after hearing this!

Cooking the Turkey

I have very little experience in cooking whole turkey so I had to do a lot of research before hand! Luckily the turkey they supply is a ‘butterfly’ turkey meaning it’s way easier to deal with as you don’t have to debone or carve it (yay for lazy chefs like me).

I decided on doing a honey mustard glazed turkey, with roast potatoes and veggies!

The glaze which we put on the turkey before hand was made of:

  • melted butter
  • crushed chilli
  • lemon juice
  • italian herbs
  • red chilli
  • garlic cloves

You put this melted butter baste alllll over the turkey. Make sure to poke holes in the Turkey so it permeates all the way through. You then cook the turkey with foil over it for around 2-3 hours in a fan oven which has been preheated to around 160 degrees Celsius.

Once the turkey had been cooking for 2-3 hours, we removed the foil and did a final roasting after brushing on a honey glaze.

We ate this with roast potatoes and veggies.

We would highly recommend using Tom Hixson for your meat, as the quality of the turkey was apparent from when we received it. It was very clean, and was even better knowing that it was from a free range, and grain fed turkey.

Check out their halal menu here!

2 thoughts on “Tom Hixson of Smithfield”

  1. Have tom hixson been verified as halal by any bodies. Can they be trusted? I have asked for certificates but look like they could have been from anyway.

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