Bruce Burgers

Bruce Burgers


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Best menu items

  • Strawberry fizz mocktail
  • Bruce beef burger with curly fries

Where to pray Salah

  • Assunnah Islamic Centre (men & women)

Bruce Burgers is a new burger joint located in Tottenham, North London. They serve burgers with a unique Caribbean twist, as well as flavoursome Jerk chicken and the best mocktails in London!

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What did we order?

Strawberry Fizz

Usually we feature mocktails at the end of the review, but these were so amazing that we had to put them first. Having travelled to Bruce Burgers on a hot summers day, being able to quench our thirst with these bad boys was an amazing feeling. Made with fresh frozen strawberries blended with their own mix of sweetness and fizz, this was the best mocktail we have had to date. It was so good we each drunk two full ones!

We tried 3 of their best burgers- each being fully customisable with what toppings you want, and a naked option also being available (without the bun).

Bruce Beef Burger

The first was their signature ‘Bruce Beef Burger’ [~ £10.00 with chips and drink]. This gourmet burger is made in house with a unique blend of spices, that sets it apart from the common ‘plain’ patties that you get nowadays. We enjoyed eating a flavourful burger, that had a nuanced Caribbean/ spicy flavour. The patty can be topped with a variety of items; we went for the melted cheese, salad, signature bruce BBQ sauce and fried onions. This was all served in brioche buns!

Lamb Burger

This was the Lamb burger, also topped with melty cheese and salad. [~ £10.00 with chips and drink]. Overall I preferred the taste of the beef burger, however if you are a lamb fan this one is still great, as it is seasoned in the same way.

Halloumi and mushroom burger

This veggie burger was a surprise favourite of ours! This is the mushroom and halloumi burger [~ £10.00 with chips and drink].

Cross section of the mushroom and halloumi burger

A cross section shot of the yummy mushroom and halloumi burger. Usually when i’ve had burgers like these, they don’t ‘bite’ well i.e. the whole mushroom or piece of halloumi comes out with one bite! These however were cooked beautifully.

Jerk Chicken Salad

We also had this Jerk chicken salad, perfect for those of you who are on that fitness hype. This is a filling salad, with loads of jerk chicken (for that protein) and shredded lettuce and vegetables served with it. This comes with a drizzle of their signature sauce, as well as some coleslaw on the side. Their homemade coleslaw is especially nice as its not the extremely wet type!

Jerk Chicken

We tried the jerk chicken on its own, so we could really judge the flavours. Dry chicken is the worst so it was lovely to taste some beautifully moist and well cooked chicken. We also loved how their jerk marinade was made in house, so you’re not tasting something that you have had before!

Lemon Mocktails

We preferred the strawberry mocktails, but if you are a lemon fan, these freshly made lemon mocktails would be great for you!


Bruce burgers has come onto the competitive halal burger scene with unique flavours, which is something we loved. Instead of the more plain seasoning, these dishes had a homemade and original Caribbean taste. The star of the restaurant has to be the Strawberry fizz however. This is the first time that we have rated a drink so highly!

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