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  • Feta Borek
  • Sujuk Wrap

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  • No places on site, but you can take these snacks on the go and walk to a Masjid!

Simit Sarayi is a chain of Turkish Bakeries, that has since expanded its branches from Turkey, to locations all over the world. In London, they currently have branches in Bond Street, Oxford Street and Charing Cross, with more soon to come!

Simit Sarayi is the perfect place to go when you are looking for a quick snack on the go, both savoury and sweet, or to have a light bite with friends. We love the fact that it is halal friendly, so we can finally enjoy meaty and delicious pastries!

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What did we order?

Turkish Tea

We started off our meal in the traditional way with some black Turkish Tea. This tea is a great way to get your caffeine fix, and is even better with some brown sugar. Quality tea leaves are use to make this brew.

Plate of Borek

Our first plate we tried was a selection of savoury Borek. Borek is a style of Turkish Pastry, and can be stuffed with different fillings and formed in different shapes. We tried both vegetarian and meat fillings.

Feta Borek

This is a close up of the Feta Borek. This one was my personal favourite. The soft feta cheese inside beautifully complimented the crisp and delicious pastry on the outside. I could eat so many of these! If you are a cheese fan, this one is definitely the way to go.

Feta Borek

Here you can see the soft feta filling inside…YUM! I can’t recommend these feta borek enough. The pastry was also perfectly cooked!

Spinach Borek

This is the spinach borek. A yummy vegetarian option consisting of the same borek filled with spinach. I preferred the spinach and feta option as opposed to the plain spinach one, as you get the cheese plus the taste of the well cooked spinach.

Minced Beef Borek

These long style borek are crispier than the other larger ones, so if you are a fan of very crispy items then go for these. This image is of the minced beef borek. I love Simit Sarayi as it gives those who prefer Halal meat an option to have yummy snacks that aren’t just vegetarian. The minced beef inside is seasoned well, and goes great with the crispy pastry! These long borek are the most convenient if you want a snack on the go.


Next we tried a plate of their savoury rolls. These are long bread rolls filled with either vegetarian or meat fillings. These are a larger snack compared to the borek above.


These are more cross sections of the rolls! We tried the minced beef and sujuk rolls. These pastries are more bread like and less crispy than the minced beef rolls above, and perfect if you are feeling a little hungrier.

Cross section of the Sujuk sausage roll

As you can see, this is a more bready roll, and the various fillings you can can get inside go well with the pastry. The sujuk was our favourite but the minced beef was a close second!

Sweet Pastries

We finally ended on this plate of sweet pastries! They were all very interesting and unique- we have never had sweets like these. The Turkish cookies (round things) come with various fillings from apples, figs and nuts.

Coffee dessert

If you are a coffee fan then this one is perfect for you, but be warned it has a very strong coffee taste! This cookie is a perfect pick me up for coffee lovers.

More cookies

We preferred these cookies over the coffee ones, as they were sweeter.

Cross section of the white cookie

This white cookie was filled with a fig filling. Definitely some of the most interesting cookies we’ve tried!

Tahini Pastry

This was our favourite sweet pastry. It is a tahini based pastry in a similar borek flaky pastry. I didn’t know tahini could be used in desserts, having only had it in hummus. But it turns out tahini (made from sesame seeds) does work well in desserts!


We would definitely come back to Simit Sarayi at any time, when we are feeling like a yummy snack, but aren’t too hungry for a full blown meal. You get amazing value for money here, as well as the option of halal pastries which is extremely hard to find! Make sure you get something from Simit Sarayi the next time you are shopping on Oxford Street!

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